Why Physical Therapy Is Critical to Recovering from an Injury

No one wants to experience an injury, but oftentimes they strike when you least expect it. Pain, limited mobility, and stress are just a few of the setbacks experienced from injury. It can be frustrating when you can’t complete the tasks you once used to.

Physical therapy can help give you a better quality of life, by improving your strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Whether you’ve experienced a traumatic car accident, sports injury, or a slip-and-fall accident, physical therapy can help you recover so that you’re stronger than ever with restored function and movement.

Gabriel Boze, DC at Revive Medical and Rehab uses comprehensive physical therapy to help patients in Spring Hill, Florida, heal from a variety of injuries.

Everyone can benefit

Physical therapy is a type of treatment that works to resolve pain, helping you to move better and live more comfortably. But who can benefit from physical therapy?

If you have a physical ailment, you can benefit from physical therapy. Dr. Boze has been helping patients with a variety of physical limitations improve their movement. Some of the most common reasons people seek help from Dr. Boze include:

You can benefit from physical therapy even if you don’t have an injury. Many people use physical therapy as a preventive measure to avoid future injury or illness. 

Speed up your recovery

Most people who’ve suffered injuries are most concerned with how long it will take them to heal. If you can’t afford days off from work or are anxious to get back on the playing field, physical therapy will help speed up your recovery. 

Dr. Boze’s custom treatment plan helps relieve your muscle pain while restoring function. It will also work to keep the pain from returning, preventing you from further discomfort and undergoing surgery.

If your injury is keeping you from moving the way you once did, Dr. Boze will work with you to get you moving from A to B. Devices like a cane or crutches may even be incorporated into your treatment until you can move without them. 

Active physical therapy

Dr. Boze uses two types of physical therapy to help eliminate pain and restore function. The first type, active physical therapy, involves using your physical capabilities to complete a series of exercises. Dr. Boze is by your side leading you through the exercises, and also instructs you on how to complete them at home. 

Active physical therapy is especially beneficial for stroke recovery because it can strengthen neural responses that help you complete tasks. Examples include stretching and range of motion exercises.

Passive physical therapy

Passive physical therapy involves manipulated forms of exercise which Dr. Boze must help you complete. You don’t exert effort in these types of exercises. Dr. Boze also uses advanced technology to help move your joints and increase your range of motion. 

Passive physical therapy is particularly useful for patients who’ve suffered an injury and can’t move like they once used to. Two examples of passive physical therapy Dr. Boze uses are trigger point therapy and electrical stimulation.

Trigger point therapy 

Often used to address musculoskeletal disorders, trigger point therapy works to identify and relieve trigger points — or tissues that elicit pain when pressed. Many times, trigger points form from trauma caused to your muscle tissue. Trigger point therapy is often used to help people with conditions like joint pain, back pain, and headaches.

Electrical stimulation

Electrical stimulation transmits gentle pulses through your skin to help work injured tissues and eliminate pain. This type of treatment is helpful to strengthen specific muscles that a patient cannot move on their own. Electrical stimulation also helps increase blood flow and build injured tissues. Stroke survivors, patients with muscle trauma, and those with a spinal cord injury may benefit from electric stimulation. 

Feel better today

It’s easy to put off treatment after an injury because of the many changes it brings. However, the sooner you start physical therapy, the sooner you’ll feel better and be able to move like you once used to. Begin your recovery today. Call 352-380-1509 to schedule your physical therapy appointment or book it online.

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